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Undefeated? November 3, 2007

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ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!! How come I leave the state and the hawks get a good football team? At least that means the games are on TV!! Yay for lazy Saturdays with good football…


A love letter (or why I really want to go back to KU) January 15, 2007

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I have a confession to make; it’s probably not a shock to most of you who know me, but here it goes: I am completely, totally, unabashedly in love with the University of Kansas Men’s basketball team. Not specifically as human beings, but as a group, what they represent. Basketball, still being played for the love of the game. I’m watching the KU-MU game as I write. I’m reminded of all the amazing games I got to watch as a student. I cannot describe what it’s like to watch a game at Allen Fieldhouse. I haven’t been to a game in over 5 years but I can still hear the eerie echo of the Rock Chalk Chant. There’s nothing like it in the world…. Ahhh memories.


Play the Game December 23, 2006

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I saw “We are Marshall” with my dad last night. Marshall University’s football team (all except the freshmen and 4 starters), it’s entire coaching staff (minus the one guy who left for a recruiting trip) and several key boosters are killed in a plane crash. The movie is the story of the team that came out of that. It’s a football movie about life. I forget how sports can trancend being merely games. Go see the movie… even if you don’t like football