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Doesn’t Anyone know what Christmas is all About? December 24, 2007

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First Semester: a recap December 20, 2007

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So, I moved to Alabama 4 months ago, and I started grad schoool at Auburn. They told me that it would be hard work, but I never expected it to be this much work… I feel like I haven’t had time to breathe since the first day…
This semester, my practicum rotations include working at an Early Intervention Preschool as a case manager for a kiddo with Autism, and teaching a parenting class for the Alabama Department of Human Resources (which as near as I can tell is the department of children and families back home) Anyway, I learned how to potty train a kid (many, many hours in the bathroom, seriously, my friends started calling me the resident potty!) how to explain complicated behavioral terms to undereducated parents. Not too bad.
I also took some classes, which were way harder than undergrad classes. Harder than anything I’ve ever done before… But I made out ok, I did well!
I experienced football in the SEC, which is really unlike football anywhere else. I got to roll Toomers corner after beating Alabama for the 6th straight year… Amazing stuff
I made some friends, some really good friends, there were many nights spent eating, studying, complaining and working can bond people together in ways you’d never imagine.
I learned some very important things about myself (see the analyzing your own behavior post below) which are not for posting on a blog… (definitely a coffee convo!)
Next up: the other practicum rotation, more classes, more hard work, more fun, and a masters degree… Stay tuned!
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