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Sweet Home Alabama pt. 2 August 21, 2007

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I know I havent’ updated since I was on my way to Alabama, I apologize. So here’s my update, I live in Alabama now. Auburn Alabama to be exact. It’s a lot different from KC. But it’s growing on me.
So, I moved to Alabama August 1. I got my apartment setteled and then got to fly out to Anaheim to see my family and celebrate my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. They renewed their vows, which was beautiful and such a joy to be a part of, and had a big party. (Sidenote, the food at said party was AMAZING!!! I have never tasted food so delicious, nor have I seen food so delicious to the eyes, it was frickin’ rad!) I flew back from LA on Sunday and bright and early Monday morning showed up at Auburn for orientation.
We were properly oriented and sent off to Tallassee Alabama (yep, I spelled it right, I promise!) to get crisis management training (read: how to properly restrain students so they will not hurt you, themselves or other class members) I got to practice restraining my class members which was delightful to say the least. Imagine having someone you met two days ago lying ontop of you while you lay on a mat, can you say AWKWARD! But my class is much closer after having experienced this together!
Classes started Thursday. It’s been awhile since I’ve done the whole school thing, but it all comes rushing back when you sit in your first class. (which I was late for incidentally, stupid traffic)
This week we have classes and are learning how to teach a parenting class for the Alabama Department of Human Resources. I can now prove the many parenting errors my parents made with my brother and me, but perhaps I won’t tell them that!!! We start practicum next week…
I think that’s all. More later! Homework beckons!