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Sweet… May 30, 2007

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I was watching the movie “Sweet Home Alabama” on tv last night, and they played the song (of course!) I have to say, I got a little chill up and down my spine as I listened to it. The excitement of moving is building. Part of me can’t wait, part of me wants to throw up…


Home May 14, 2007

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I went home Friday night, to a bookstore in Lawrence. Now, I realize I don’t live in a bookstore in Lawrence, but it was home just the same. My friend Aimee and I went to Signs of Life bookstore to see our friend Tyler play guitar and sing. There were some old friends from KU there, and we caught up on life. It was like coming home again. My house in Leavenworth is home to me because of all the memories and love that it holds. My grandparents houses in California and Wyoming are home for the same reasons. Lawrence is home because I grew up there, I started to figure out who the heck I am there. Home is so much more about the state of your heart then a physical place.
Where is your home?