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Pixar is so funny! January 26, 2007

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Here’s a fun little video to get you in a good mood for the weekend!


Weekend Update January 22, 2007

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All of my life, I’ve been in hiding, wishing there was someone just like You. Now that You’re here, now that I’ve found You, I know that You’re the one to pull me through (“Deliver Me” David Crowder Band)
What a weekend… If you want details, you’d better take me out for coffee… it’s definitely not a blog conversation!


A love letter (or why I really want to go back to KU) January 15, 2007

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I have a confession to make; it’s probably not a shock to most of you who know me, but here it goes: I am completely, totally, unabashedly in love with the University of Kansas Men’s basketball team. Not specifically as human beings, but as a group, what they represent. Basketball, still being played for the love of the game. I’m watching the KU-MU game as I write. I’m reminded of all the amazing games I got to watch as a student. I cannot describe what it’s like to watch a game at Allen Fieldhouse. I haven’t been to a game in over 5 years but I can still hear the eerie echo of the Rock Chalk Chant. There’s nothing like it in the world…. Ahhh memories.


GRE-at job! January 7, 2007

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THANK YOU for all your prayers. I could definitely feel them. The test was amazing. I was able to completely concentrate. I did really well. The perk of a computerized test is that you get your scores that day. I have to wait for my essays to be graded, but I’m not worried about that. Again, thank you so much for all your support… Anyone want to edit my application essay?


GRE-at…. big test that is January 5, 2007

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I have decided to apply to Graduate school again, and this time, I have to take the GRE (graduate record exam… think SATs, only this time they assume you’re smarter because you’ve graduated college…) So tomorrow at 12:30PM I will be venturing to KU to take the big scary test… I tell you this because I’d like to ask for your prayers. I’m not nervous (at least not now) but when I do get nervous, I tend to go fast and not pay attention to the questions like they demand. So, if you would, please pray that I am able to concentrate fully and slow down and focus…. Thanks so much, I’ll let you know how it goes!


New Year, new theme January 1, 2007

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Happy New Year! Last night, my friends and I shared our themes for the new year, a tradition Meg, Crystal and I started doing a couple of years ago. This year, my theme is: Play the Game. There’s a great scene in “We are Marshall” where the coaches are talking about winning and losing. “It’s not about winning or losing, it’s not even how we play the game. What matters is that we play the game.” Life isn’t about successes or failures, it’s about taking risks and doing what God is calling me to do. This year I want to be open to where He’s calling me to go. And to not worry about weither or not I win, but just playing the game… What’s your theme/resolution?